Troubleshooters Update: Renters insurance
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A Troubleshooters update, a woman has finally received a refund from a renters insurance company.

Yolanda Ibarra told us she had to get renters insurance when she moved into the encore crossing apartments in July 2012.

So she says she signed up with E-renters plan.  

The company took $ 53.50 from her bank account 4 times a year.  

She says she moved out in March 2013, but ‘E-renters plan’ took eight additional quarterly withdrawals after that.    

Every time she tried contacting them, she’d be on hold for a long time.

So she called the Troubleshooters.

Action 10 News called E-renters-plan and found out we actually had to call a different company to try and get this resolved, which we did.

Then they called to tell her they were sending her a refund check.

Last Friday Yolanda Ibarra got this check for nearly $ 500.00 in the mail !

That made her very happy !

That also made this another Troubleshooters Case Closed !    

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