Real Talk: Valuable Insurance Tips for College Students
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Mercury Insurance informs students how to protect their belongings while away at school

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2015

College is an exciting time for young adults. Everything is new and, for those who go away to school, it’s likely their first real taste of independence.

Social calendars fill up, Facebook friend requests increase and students sift through event invites, deciding which parties to attend and whether or not they will make Sunday brunch at the sorority house.

While there are plenty of distractions, college is also characterized by hard work and responsibility. Classes are more challenging, and mom and dad aren’t around to facilitate morning wake up calls or prepare healthy home-cooked meals. Also, included among these newfound responsibilities is the protection of personal property.

“Most college students don’t think about protecting their belongings because, until this point, they’ve lived under their parents’ safety net,” said Stephanie Behnke, claims innovation director for Mercury Insurance. “Parents have a million other things running through their heads when their kids leave for college – like whether their son will brush his teeth regularly or if their daughter will make it to class on time. Talking to their children about insurance needs doesn’t necessarily top the list.”

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