Insurance important for renters, too
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KENNEWICK, Wash. – According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 35% of Tri-Cities residents rent their homes but for some reason, renter’s insurance isn’t very common. More than 70% of renters don’t have it.

On average, renter’s insurance costs between $ 10-$ 12 a month. That’s pennies for what you’d spend replacing your entire home’s contents.

“Sometimes people assume their landlord’s insurance is going to cover their property and it doesn’t,” said State Farm Agent Micki McKinnon. ”Others think it’s too expensive and others think well, I’ll never need it, nothings going to happen to my stuff.”

“We require it so for if some reason they had a fire, theft, wind damage, water damage,” said Clearwater Square Apartments Manager Jackie Harvey. “Any type of injury to their belongings or loss of belongings they’re actually covered.”

Harvey said she doesn’t believe any of the tenants in her complex have had to make a claim, but she said it’s peace of mind, regardless.

“This is their home,” said Harvey. ”We want you to know that you feel safe in knowing that you’re covered.”

McKinnon said young adults are the most likely to go without the coverage.

“Families, I think, think about it more because of their kids and the possibility their kids are out playing in the yard and a…………… continues on KNDO/KNDU

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