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All right, let’s be honest the topic of homeowner’s insurance is not a sexy one. But it is a topic that is fraught with misconceptions. And these misconceptions can leave you vulnerable and dangerously uninsured.

Maybe you don’t live in a flood or earthquake zone and feel that this is not a relevant topic for you. However, if you have ANY assets or possessions you cherish, it absolutely is. The reason is that many people don’t understand exactly what their insurance covers and whether it is adequate for their particular circumstances. You and I may have the same type of home, in the same neighborhood, valued at the same amount of money.  However, you may need more insurance than I do. Why you ask? There are a variety of reasons. And if you are not aware of them you may not be as properly insured as you think you are.    

And for all you renters out there who are ready to tune out, if you don’t have renters insurance in the event of a disaster risk losing all the possessions in your home and having no recourse. Your landlord may have homeowners insurance but that only protects his property not your “stuff” so keep reading.

And here is a sobering statistic for us Latinos: while only about 31 percent of renters buy renter’s insurance that number drops to 15 percent amongst Hispanics.

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