Burglars hit Cleveland storage facility, tenants lose thousands in belongings
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CLEVELAND – Theft victims learn a tough lesson about the importance of having proper insurance coverage after a break-in at a Cleveland storage facility.

Art Klein of Cleveland regrets not having the proper renter’s insurance, after thieves broke into his storage unit, and took thousands in tools and electronics.

Klein contacted Cleveland police and confirmed several other units were also hit at the Public Storage facility located on West 117 Street, back on June 26.

“I took a loss, I didn’t have insurance,” said Klein. “Here at Public Storage, they put you at your own risk when you lose stuff, it was my fault.”

Klein admitted Public Storage offered him coverage on his stored items — $ 25 a month — for $ 5,000 in coverage, but he declined. Klein also confesses he did not check to see if his stored items could have been covered by his homeowners insurance.

Still, Klein said he believes the burglaries could have been avoided, if Public Storage had posted more security cameras throughout the huge facility.

Klein showed NewsChannel5 the single set of video cameras posted at the main entrance to the complex, but claims there are no cameras installed in critical hallways inside the building.

“When somebody comes in here, there is no surveillance,” said Klein. “How do you know who went where?”

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